What Is Counselling

Counselling is simply a process of talking through problems, concerns or issues that you find difficult to understand, process or
move forward or beyond.

Our first session which lasts for 30 minutes and will give you the space to tell me a little bit more about yourself and what you hope to achieve from therapy.

This will provide time for you to ask questions, and discuss expectations for our work together. We can decide to work for
a fixed number of weeks, or if you prefer, review our sessions as therapy progresses.

The ongoing counselling sessions will last for 50 minutes and you can talk candidly, openly and without prejudice, judgement or criticism
over any subject.

Most importantly the sessions are confidential and the information discussed will not be passed to a third party unless specific legal
issues are breached.

A written contract will be signed by the counsellor and client to ensure both are aware of the structure of the sessions and to
eliminate any misunderstandings.

Counselling can take the form of different methods and no one method is better than the other. As we are all individuals so
certain counselling methodologies work for some people but not for others.

My methodology is named the Egan method and consists of three stages. I present this information to provide additional information
of the process but it is not essential to know this in order for the counselling sessions to be effective.

The Egan method consists of three stages:-

  1. The current scenario
  2. The preferred scenario
  3. The Way Forward

Clients will move through these stages but not necessarily in a linear way. There may be obstacles to overcome or past events may
surface that move the client back or forth between the stages and differing issues may have the client in differing stages dependent
upon the severity of the problem, issue or concern.

I may from time to time dependent upon the specific areas being covered involve the use of other methodologies that have beneficial
techniques to help the progress of the sessions.

So to explain the three stages.

Firstly we will discuss your current issues, concerns or problems and explore what these mean to you. Unfold your perspective and
where you are currently possibly blocked or lacking in understanding.

Secondly we will discuss where you would like to be. What are your hopes and possible fears. What blockages you have or problems
to overcome and where you see yourself in the future. Strategies will be set and explored to see what works and what needs

Some areas can be quick to move forward through and have a resolution and others may take possibly considerable time, there are no
timeframes for change only change itself.

This stage is done in conjunction and with collaboration with myself, if required, but the ultimate decision is in your hands. Where you
wish to be and how you wish to get there.

The sessions and stages are progressed at your own pace and in your own time. The sessions are your own time to talk, explore and
discuss things that are concerning you and to help you move forward in your life.

I trust this provides a short insight into the counselling environment. There are no magic or quick fixes but by talking through
problems with a counsellor insights can be gained that otherwise may possibly not be explored by yourself alone.